N.V.N. Koi App -- Koicalculator 2.0

Developed by: KECSKOI2015, Boxmeer, The Netherlands. koiknowledge.com

Privacy Policy (users)

We do not store or process your data.

The Koicalculator app decides which advertisements to show you locally, on your phone or tablet. We do not transmit any data at all from your phone or tablet to our servers. We have no databases where we can store the data. The NSA can't spy on us, hack us or confiscate our servers because there is nothing to spy on and there are no servers to confiscate.

Any data you enter into the app will be processed only locally on your device. If you delete data, it is truely deleted and unrecoverable by koicalculator.

If you have any questions or comments, you can email us at david 'at' vonk 'point' frl. If you do this, your email will be processed by our email-host on the basis that you gave explicit consent for us to do so. Received emails will be deleted after the conversation has ended, or after two months of no contact. The emails will only be read and replied to manually or using an automatic 'out-of-office' reply.

Privacy Policy (advertisers)

Koicalculator will only process publicly available information (e.g. url, address (incl. coordinates), name of business, public phone-number, public email) about customers, unless this is required for the fulfillment of contracts and legal obligations.

No statistics will be collected about advertisements or the usage of our systems.